Refund Policy

Host Bring Refund Policy

Host Bring has explained and surely adheres to the following refund policy for web hosting services. We understand the fact that you have accepted us as your web hosting provider and consider you as our customer.

All inquiries for hosting cancellation must be presented in writing or your original email. It will be important for the client to implement the real reason for deleting the account. At this time Host Bring will venture to answer to the client’s requirements in an accurate way in order to meet the demands, and needs of the client in order to fix any problems and satisfy the client.

Important note: If you are using more than one web hosting with us and simply cancel one of them, the refunded amount cannot be given to any other of your web hosting accounts.


Refunds will be provided for any type of returns (monthly and yearly). All on-site and consulting services are not refundable.

Hosting Refund Yearly

As for the yearly refund, we shall obey the following method of paying you the yearly fee detection of the first month of hosting at the monthly price of your chosen hosting package.

Domain Registration Refund

A domain registration charges can’t be returned because it cost in our head also, however, we provide all the domain detail to you.

Hosting Refund Monthly

A monthly hosting refund is only given if the refund is being requested in the first 10 days of the monthly hosting period.

The Refund Policy Does Not Cover

If your bandwidth over usage, in that case, our company can’t be returned according to the term of hosting.


Host Bring preserves the right to change the existing refund policy at any time without any preceding notice to you. It is your duty to check our site.